Our Commitment: To Optimize & Maximize Human and Organizational Potential
Urban Strategies
Sector Management
SMCG Investments
USi provides strategize to maximize organizational sustainability and growth through qualitative/quantitative research.
We foster value-added partnerships through internal/external planning strategies. USi creates collaborations that serve as a pathway to new governing structures, including Advisory Councils, Boards of Directors, task forces and Special Committees.

Our Commitment: To listen, engage and deliver best practices!
Sector Management Consulting Group provides training and development strategies across industry sectors.
We facilitate learning circles that impact organizational development to advance innovation and individual performance while cultivating internal and external customer relations.
Leaders enhance their learning by embracing up-to-the-minute diversity, communication and system-management strategies. 

Our Commitment: 
To add value!

SMCG Investments provides new and expanded
business-engagement strategies.
We facilitate acquisitions & merger strategies and connect opportunities to financial resources.

Our Commitment: To connect business strategies to financial resources!
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The SMCG coaching philosophy: To preserve the integrity of coaching!
Our approach offers the opportunity to move thoughts and ideas beyond possibilities. Transformational leadership is realized by merging science, observation and personal reflective strategies. Incorporated is a process of blended coaching that includes facilitation, coaching and consulting to maximize rapid personal and professional growth at work as well as in everyday life. We believe leadership is a function, not just a position. This intensive approach improves emotional intelligence and interpersonal dynamics, adding value to leaders at all levels of any profession or stage of life.
Our Commitment: To advance leaders and cultivate great teams!

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